Photo’s from a living quarter in Den Haag made for Gemeente-archief Den Haag and some exhibitions in 2004. enter


Recently set up as a new quarter just outside town, Ypenburg attracts all kinds of people for its’ diverse architecture, gardens and canals. enter


Den Haag night life
Photo’s taken from the beginning of my photographic career, during nightlife, concerts and strolling in the city. enter


Work from series I made from European industrial zones and Japan, which I visited from 1977 till now on. enter


Closed eyes portraits
Black and white photo’s made with available light. enter


Tokyo daily life
In spring 2003 I started with an empty Artfront /Hillside gallery in Tokyo/Daikanyama area. In two weeks I filled it up with works I made during day and night in Tokyo. enter


Kitakyushu daily life
Another project in which I used the digital camera to make an instant series about the daily life in this South-Japanese industrial town. enter


Thor Kissing is a bright young boy with the Asperger syndrom. enter


Tokyo night life
In the spring of 2007 I was artist in residence at Youkobo Art Space Tokyo, where I made a digital project about all aspects of nightlife in this town.


Japan 6/6
Photo’s taken during various trips in Japan since 1996.


Cityhall Haagse hout
A commision from the city council to make a work for the new built cityhall of quarter ‘Haagse Hout’. enter