A series of sequences directed by Made of Man designers for Amarantis schools in Amsterdam/Amersfoort/Utrecht. The positive liveliness of youth used in series for brochures and directory’s at the schools.


Moyland portraits
Portraits of about 40 people somehow connected with the Art Museum Schloss Moyland in Bedburg-Hau (near Kleve) for the 10th anniversary of the museum in 2007. enter


Lezen en schrijven
Portraits of people who work for/with this foundation against analfabetism for a congress-booklet 2007. enter


Verkeer en Waterstaat
Photo’s directed by Total Identity design for a congress by the Ministry of Verkeer en Waterstaat about ‘water’ in 2006. enter


A small overview of the more than 7000 photo’s I made of about 40 projects from Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata since 1986. The photo’s do not only show his temporary works but also the social situations around them.


Photo’s of eight family’s living in Den Haag Wateringseveld on top of archeological sites. The pictures were combined with all sorts of materials found on the spot, and used in an exhibiton in the Atrium townhall of Den Haag