japan daily life 1997-2007

In January and February 2010 part of my photography of Japan can be seen at Rasa Wereldculturencentrum (worldculturecenter) . Part of my digital snapshot series Tokyo Daily Life 2003 and Tokyo Nightlife 2007 can be seen next to more constructivistic black and whitephoto’s, taken by 6 x 6 camera. There will be some 65 photo’s hanging, including the Osaka 2007 cityview blowup of 200 x 300 cm

RASA Pauwstraat 13a, close to Oude Gracht in the center of Utrecht, for
openinghours and concert information see www.rasa.nl

since the end of December 2009 my digital photoarchive of Japanese photography is online. About 5000 images (there will be some more soon!) can be searched through, also it’s possible to buy fine art prints or look at special photography series in the artgallery.
visit: www.japanphotography.org


Energeticon Kompetenzzentrum Energie Alsdorf (BRD)

winter 2010

‘JapanClearloud’; music by Julie Mittens and photography by Leo van der Kleij