As a professional photographer I’m interested in people and their behaviour in daily life. My field of work started shooting nightlife in my howetown Den Haag, also taking photo’s at pop- and jazzconcerts. I worked a lot with visual artists, mainly sculptors and artists making –temporary- installations. Since 1997 I made many trips to Japan, e.g. to work with Tadashi Kawamata but also to work on own projects in Tokyo and Kyushu island in the south. Art and architecture as well as portraits on location were and still are also my favourites. My commercial work has known a wide variety of species, from healthcare and education to architecture, landscapes, environment and travelling. Recently I’m setting up a digital archive with images from Japan - - next to different commercial jobs. Also I’m involved in coalmining as photographer since 1977, making series in Western Europe and Japan. I’m also preparing a book about my Japanese photography and some exhibitions about this.


cirruculum vitae