During my artist in residency at Youkobo Art Space Tokyo in spring 2007, I worked on ‘Tokyo nightlife 2007’. Since there’s an elementary school next door and Youkobo asks their artists to do workshops with some children, we developed the idea of another workshop connected to my project. Some 100 children aged 10-11 were participating. We went to a park nearby where they made photostories about what happened in the park (people, trees, animals and so on). All work was printed out and sealed, then in one big hall at school the children made flags out of the series, adjusting text, painting, drawing and lumber. The results were planted as a sort of ‘arttrees’ in the park, where visitors could see them for about one week. The discussions and arguments about ‘how to do’ between the children and teachers were very interesting to see.



Tagawa (J) 2003
Den Haag Ypenburg (NL) 2004
Kitakyushu (J) 2006
Den Haag (NL) 2007
Tokyo (J) 2007