Since around 1985 I gave many different workshops on various aspects of photography and visual art. From 2003 on I developed a special workshop with digital photocamera’s, in which working together and group participation are most important. All kinds of small groups (e.g. organizations, colleagues at work, friends, schoolchildren or students) can make a photostory in a daypart and learn about photography and its techniques, but also find out something about sharing idea’s, working together in a playful way and acting together.

Generally a workshop consists of a theoretical part, in which we talk about composition, techniques, use of material and about the participants as actors and how to reach effort. Also I show some examples of all sorts of photography and its’ use and context, before we actually start working with camera’s in small groups. At the end of the workshop there’s a digital (beamer) or paper (inkjet) presentation of the works, with comments of the makers, the audience and myself. The works are often used in special books/magazines or exhibitions, many purposes are possible!



Tagawa (J) 2003
Den Haag Ypenburg (NL) 2004
Kitakyushu (J) 2006
Den Haag (NL) 2007
Tokyo (J) 2007